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'Beast of Rupperswil' given rare 'life means life' sentence

National News // March 19, 2018

The so called ‘Beast of Rupperswil’ has been given a rare ‘life means life’ sentence after being found guilty of murder, attempted rape, sexual assault and sex offences against a minor.

Memorial outside the house where four people were murdered 'Beast of Rupperswil' given rare 'life means life' sentence

The 34 year old man, identified as Thomas N, pleaded guilty to the crimes in December 2015.

The court heard the man murdered a mother, her two sons, the girlfriend of one of the sons and had raped the other son in the small town of Rupperswil.

The court in canton Aargau handed down the rarely used sentence after prosecutors argued the man would always be a danger. When he was arrested, police say he had been spying on other families – potentially planning another attack.

The ‘life means life’ sentence has only been available to courts since 2004 when it was approved in a national vote.

The man will stay in jail until he dies, unless old age or sickness means he is on longer a threat.

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