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Train station cafés in Basel worry about smoking ban

National News // March 6, 2018

It’s been a month since Swiss Federal Railways has brought in a smoking ban on some stations in the country.

Pixabay Train station cafés in Basel worry about smoking ban

The move is a test to see if such a ban should be rolled out across the country. The railway wants to save the money it spends on cleaning cigarette butts from the lines.

While the ban is generally going down well – some café owners at Basel station are complaining they’re losing business.

They have tables that extend onto the concourse, and in the past customers have been allowed to smoke with their coffee.

But staff are telling the local press that many potential customers are leaving after being told they can’t smoke. One waiter at the Il Baretto café says they can’t understand as it’s practically in the open air.

The railway company is not commenting at the moment – saying the ban is in a test phase and all aspects will be considered later.



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