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Bid to end TV and radio fee fails comprehensively

National News // March 5, 2018

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation – the SRG - says the vote to keep the license fee is a new beginning for the company.

Romi.Hofer Bid to end TV and radio fee fails comprehensively

The director general of the SRG, Giles Marchand, says the vote has allowed for a major debate for the future of broadcasting in Switzerland and acknowledges the landscape has changed completely in the last few years.

The vote to end the fee failed comprehensively. 71.6% of the people rejected the measure as well as all the cantons.

But the vote doesn’t mean there will be no change. The government has already agreed to a cut of CHF 100 to the fee and the SRG has committed to reducing its budget by CHF 100m a year.

One of the first changes, the SRG says it will show movies on television without ad breaks from next year.



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