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Zoos make sure animals are safe in cold weather

National News // Feb. 27, 2018

The cold weather means zoos in the country are taking measures to make sure the animals that normally live in warmer climes are protected.

Pixabay Zoos make sure animals are safe in cold weather

Elephants have to be careful as their ears are so thin, they are susceptible to frost bite. But keepers at Zurich zoo say they seem to be enjoying the cold.

But gorillas and orangutans need no persuasion to stay in their enclosure in the warm.

Flamingoes at Basel zoo need to be watched to make sure their feet don’t freeze.

But people need protection too. The capuchin monkeys in Zurich are being kept inside, not just to protect them from the cold, but the moat has frozen, which means they could just walk out of the enclosure.




Tags: zoo, animals, cold, weather

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