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New trains cause headache for Swiss Federal Railways

National News // Feb. 27, 2018

Swiss Federal Railways has launched the first of its new trains – the FV-Dosto – but there are problems with the design according to disabled groups.

kecko New trains cause headache for Swiss Federal Railways

The train is part of a massive modernization programme. There will be 62 new trains at a cost of CHF 2bn.

But disabled users are complaining they’re not suitable. They say it’s hard for wheelchair users to board without help, the button to open the doors is too high and blind people may struggle to use the upstairs of the new double decker trains as the hand rail has a break in it.

The groups have launched legal action to make sure the trains will be suitable – and a court has blocked the introduction of further trains for the time being. The six that have been delivered can start running.




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