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Family pressures led to double shooting in Zurich

National News // Feb. 26, 2018

Zurich police are piecing together why a man shot his wife and then himself on the streets of Zurich on Friday afternoon.

pexels Family pressures led to double shooting in Zurich

For the past seven years the Italian family had made a life for themselves in Switzerland. They had a four year old daughter. The wife also had a nine year old girl from a previous marriage.

The couple came from the same area in southern Italy.

The husband shot his wife dead outside her office, a UBS branch on Europaallee, in the center of the city. He then turned the gun on himself. Both died immediately.

Friends told the press it seems the husband could not accept his wife had built a more successful career in Zurich than himself. He wanted to return to Italy – she wanted to stay.

Those that knew the couple say they’re shocked as they seemed so happy once.

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