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Woman and dog attacked by boar in Zurich

National News // Feb. 14, 2018

A woman walking her dog in canton Zurich was attacked by a wild boar. The dog suffered serious injuries to the stomach from the wild animal. The boar gouged the dog with its tusks.

PXhere Woman and dog attacked by boar in Zurich

The Golden Retriever was taken to a vet and it’s expected to make a full recovery.

The cantonal wildlife office expressed surprise such an attack would happen in Zurich. The woman was walking in Kloten near the airport.

Such attacks by boar are very unusual. They normally avoid humans – even with a dog.

It’s even more unusual in Zurich. The cantonal wildlife office says it can’t recall a similar incident. One hunter told the press that’s it’s not a normal reaction from a boar – and suggests it may have been protecting its young.


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