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Baby found dead in Sankt Gallen - parents face jail

National News // Feb. 13, 2018

Parents of a one year old girl who died due to neglect both face lengthy prison sentences.

kecko Baby found dead in Sankt Gallen - parents face jail

Jasmina’s body was found in the basement of their home in canton Sankt Gallen in August 2015. Forensic experts say the child had already been dead for several months.

The parents have been in custody ever since – the father, 54 year old Hanspeter H, is in a psychiatric facility, the mother, 35 year old Jessica T, is in prison.

After three years of investigation, the Sankt Gallen prosecutor’s office is pressing charges. They claim the parents took drugs, left Jasmina alone for hours on end and didn’t feed her age appropriate food.

The couple are also facing separate drugs charges.

The prosecution is asking for prison sentences of between 8 and 10 years. 

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