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Moutier vote buying investigation dropped

National News // Feb. 8, 2018

Officials have dropped their investigation into alleged vote buying in the town of Moutier, currently in canton Bern.

Wikipedia Moutier vote buying investigation dropped

In June last year a highly charged vote narrowly agreed to switch cantons from Bern to Jura. The difference was only 137.

It was known beforehand that the vote would be close and federal inspectors were on hand to make sure the count was conducted fairly.

Six people claimed some votes had been bought. An investigation by the Bern prosecutor’s office looked into the claims and have concluded there is no evidence to back up the allegations.

Negotiations between Jura and Bern on when the switch may happen have been put on hold until the investigations had ended. It’s still likely to be some time before Moutier changes cantons as there are many administrative details to be worked out. 

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