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Trial of pedophile halted in Fribourg

National News // Feb. 7, 2018

A trial of a 74 year old pedophile has been halted in canton Fribourg after the defence claimed it was illegal as the man, identified as Robert T from Lucerne, has already been tried in Thailand – he was acquitted.

Adrien Quartenoud Trial of pedophile halted in Fribourg

His team says he can’t be tried twice for the same crime.

The man already has convictions for child abuse in Switzerland dating back several years.

It’s alleged he held parties in Pattaya in Thailand with young boys and other men.

He was arrested in Fribourg in 2015 and has been held in custody ever since. The defence also claims that detention is illegal.

The court is expected to decide if the case can continue later today.



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