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Storm unearths ancient finds

National News // Feb. 7, 2018

The recent storm has unearthed some exciting archeological finds.

Canton Schaffhausen Storm unearths ancient finds

Storm Berglind last month ripped down hundreds of trees in canton Schaffhausen – and in doing so has revealed flint tools from the end of the Paleolithic era.

A sharp eyed jogger noticed some sharp edged stones and suspected they were important and reported the find to the cantonal archeological department.

Researchers have since sealed off the area and have already made several discoveries. They’ve found tools – such as spearheads and razors for treating skins – as well as unfinished items and waste from ancient settlements.

Archeologists say the area was mainly open plain 12,000 years ago, not the dense forest it is today.

It’s highly unusual to find items from so long ago in the open as they rarely survive. Most items from that era are found in caves.


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