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Switzerland lives up to reputation as hotbed of spies

National News // Feb. 5, 2018

Switzerland has always been a favourite by writers of spy novels as a place where foreign agents from across the world meet and exchange secret information.

Pixabay Switzerland lives up to reputation as hotbed of spies

But it’s true – and the country is being used more and more by international spies to meet.

It’s a trend the intelligence service wants to stop.

The NZZ newspaper quotes an anonymous source says there’s a rising demand for information and agents are increasingly choosing Switzerland to meet – especially Geneva.

The international city makes it easy for people throughout the world meet without attracting attention due to all the international organizations and a low level of street surveillance.

But Swiss authorities are not happy about living up to the stereotype. The intelligence agency says it’s not in the country’s interest to be a place where information damaging to allies could be swapped and they hope friendly countries would also do the same for Switzerland. 

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