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Snow likely to boost ski resorts

National News // Feb. 5, 2018

The head of Swiss tourism says he expects hotel bookings to be up 4% this season due to the heavy snow.

Pixabay Snow likely to boost ski resorts

Martin Nydegger took over the role at the beginning of the year and says he has plans to bring in new products to boost visitor numbers.

In a wide ranging interview with the Sunday papers he says he wants to make it easier for first time skiers to get onto the slopes with packages that include all equipment hire and instruction.

He also says he wants to boost summer tourism with mountain bikers - including closing some passes to all traffic at times, except for cyclists.

But the one thing he doesn’t want to do is raise prices. He says Switzerland is already considered expensive, but with the rising Euro, that’s improving. Lifting prices at the moment, would not be ‘very smart’ he says.


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