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Family discovers man was spy at funeral

National News // Feb. 2, 2018

Family and friends at a funeral of an 82 year old man in Lucerne were surprised to learn the man they thought was a quiet human resources manager at a the lift company Schindler had been a spy all his adult life.

en.kremlin.ru Family discovers man was spy at funeral

Heinrich Eichenburger had worked for Swiss intelligence at the height of the cold war. His job was to keep check on Soviet troop movements. His code name was Felix.

The revelations came from his 73 year old wife – who also admitted to having an underground existence as someone who would be called into action as a resistance fighter if Switzerland was invaded by the Soviet Union.

The couple were attached to an extremely secret part of the secret service. Code named Project 27.

The existence of the unit was revealed a few years ago and was embarrassing to the government as it operated without any political control.


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