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2018 vignette obligatory from today

National News // Feb. 1, 2018

From today you must have the new 2018 autoroute vignette.

And expect the police to be out checking.

astra 2018 vignette obligatory from today

The government says almost 10 million stickers will be sold, raising CHF 350m.

The vignette is also a valuable source of foreign income – around a third will be sold to non-Swiss registered vehicles.

The government would like to increase the cost. Currently the sticker sets you back CHF 40. Any increase has to be approved in a vote – and the people said ‘no’ to a hike to CHF 100 in 2013.

But the sticker itself maybe on the way out. There are plans to bring in electronic payment and registration. That will save the government on paying commission –each retailer makes 4 francs per sticker sold.

Remember, the vignette must be stuck to your windscreen in an acceptable position. Stickers are needed for motorcycles, trailers and caravans. The fine is CHF 200 for not having one. And it is actually illegal to have expired stickers on your car – although many people do seem to like to collect them.


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