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Eight potholers trapped in Schwyz

National News // Jan. 22, 2018

Eight potholers are trapped in the Höllach cave network in canton Schwyz. The caves are considered to be one of the biggest network of caverns in the world.

luzern.ch Eight potholers trapped in Schwyz

The men are unable to escape due to a flash flood. They’ve been in the caves since Saturday.

An expert rescue team have been able to reach the men and give them supplies of food and batteries for their torches – but the only open route to them is described as treacherous and only suitable for highly experienced potholers.

The group is not in any immediate danger and will have to wait for the flood waters to subside before leaving.

It’s not the first time people have been trapped in the caves – in 1952 several explorers were in the caves for nine days before being able to escape.


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