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Lucerne police end investigations into rape case

National News // Jan. 16, 2018

Lucerne police have closed an investigation into a rape case that shocked the country two and a half years ago. The police say there are no leads, despite a massive operation that included a DNA testing programme of local men.

Pixabay Lucerne police end investigations into rape case

The 26 year old woman was attacked while she was riding her bike through a forest near Emmen.

She was so badly injured, she suffered paralysis and was unable to be interviewed by the police until well after the event.

Lucerne police offered a CHF 20,000 reward, searched the area extensively, tracked down thousands of mobile phones active in the area at the time and tested 371 men for their DNA.

All drew a blank.

Three people were arrested during the course of the investigation - but they were all released without charge.

There is one DNA test the police are waiting for – from a man who’s currently in Greece. Lucerne has made a request for the Greek police to take the test – but they have not done so.

One piece of information the victim was able to give was her attacker spoke broken German.

The police say while they have suspended enquiries – they will reopen it if there is a new lead.


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