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Trump to hold Q and A in Davos

National News // Jan. 12, 2018

The head of the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos says there will be a question and answer session with president Trump.

Pixabay Trump to hold Q and A in Davos

The WEF president, Borge Brende, says he believes in dialogue and it’s not up to us to judge the president, but let him give his point of view.

Trump will be the first sitting president to attend the meeting since Bill Clinton in 2000.

There will be dozens of governmental leaders at the meeting – including the French president Emmanuel Macron and the UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

It’s still uncertain if the German chancellor, Angela Merkel will turn up. She’s deep in coalition discussions after the indecisive German election.

The meeting kicks off on the 23rd January. 

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