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Risk of violence at Bern demonstration

National News // Jan. 12, 2018

Bern police are on alert ahead of an anti-World Economic Forum demonstration planned tomorrow in the capital.

Pixabay Risk of violence at Bern demonstration

Tensions are likely to be heightened since the confirmation President Trump will be attending the global gathering.

The Federal Security Service says there is a strong risk of violence. Government offices are being advised to close window shutters and make sure all doors are locked.

There are fears of serious property damage.

The head of Bern’s City Police, Reto Nause, says it’s impossible to predict the level of violence – but if there is any it’s likely only to be carried out by a small minority of activists. He adds the weather forecast is for a dry day – which is likely to bring more people on the streets. He says he would prefer it if it rains.



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