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Calls for baby changing tables in men's toilets

National News // Jan. 12, 2018

A campaign group for men’s rights is demanding male toilets in public places should have diaper changing tables.

hassigns.co.uk Calls for baby changing tables in men's toilets
Nicolas Zogg from the organisation manner.ch says the law should be changed to force toilets in public places to have tables in male toilets – as New York has done.

He says fathers find It hard to change their baby’s nappies when out. One father told the 20 minutes newspaper that he has used the female toilets in the past – but it’s very embarrassing.

Women are supporting the move. A mother of two says she always has to do the changing when out with the family as she goes to the female toilets. She says her husband would be willing to do his share, if he could. 

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