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Trump Davos visit surprise to police

National News // Jan. 11, 2018

Yesterday’s news that Donald Trump will be attending the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos came as a surprise to many police forces in the country.

Gage Skidmore Trump Davos visit surprise to police

Security will have to be beefed up – mainly as the visit it likely to trigger demonstrations.

The head of the Graubünden cantonal police, Walter Schlegel, told the press the news came as a surprise, but it won’t actually change much at the venue. He said they made sure the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, was safe last year – and they’ll do the same for Trump.

But the coordination with other police forces will have to be improved to make sure any demonstrations are well controlled.

The Swiss president, Alain Berset, has already said he will meet Trump and the Swiss and US authorities are now working on the details of Trump’s visit.

When the Chinese president visited Davos last year, he was welcomed in Bern by the Federal Council. Such a meeting with Trump is likely to be more controversial. 

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