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Missing UEFA executive found after two months

National News // Dec. 21, 2017

After being missing for two months, the former UEFA executive Bernard Ross has been found. He’s currently being cared for in Vaud and has been joined by his wife.

Sony Missing UEFA executive found after two months

Ross had worked for the European football body for 13 years before losing his job a year ago.

His wife Jacinta says the pressure of work led to a breakdown – he now suffers from a bipolar disorder.

He moved back the UK with his family and in October left home saying he was going to visit his sister. But he never arrived, sparking an international man hunt.

In the past two months there have been reports of him being spotted in the south of France and in Nyon, outside the UEFA offices.

He turned himself in to the police, perhaps after seeing posters of himself put up by concerned friends in Nyon.

Police say he seems to be unaware of how long he’s been missing.

His wife of 20 years hopes to have him back home for Christmas. 

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