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Family of missing man says he's visited UEFA in Nyon

National News // Dec. 12, 2017

The European football organization UEFA is refusing to comment on a press release issued by the family of Bernard Ross that he went to the organization’s headquarters in Nyon and handed in Christmas cards asking for help.

Sony Family of missing man says he's visited UEFA in Nyon

Ross has been missing from his home in Oxford in England since October. He worked at UEFA for 11 years as a director of TV production and digital services.

He’s been diagnosed as suffering from bi-polar disorder. His family says the condition was brought on by the pressure of work. His wife, Jacinta, says UEFA’s refusal to acknowledge his illness is making a sick man even sicker.

UEFA is refusing to confirm reports that Ross went to their offices on Friday and handed in Christmas cards addressed to five UEFA directors asking for help.

The family says his visit was caught on CCTV and Ross spoke to security guards.

His wife fears her husband may have suicidal thoughts and does not have access to medication.

UEFA says it is cooperating with the police investigation into Bernard Ross’s disappearance. 

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