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Winter weather causes accidents and injuries

National News // Dec. 11, 2017

The weekend’s wintery weather took its toll on the roads. In canton Sankt Gallen alone the police dealt with more than 40 snow related accidents.

Pixabay Winter weather causes accidents and injuries

One of the biggest was a 6 vehicle pileup on the A3 in Oberrieden in canton Zurich. There were only minor injuries.

 In many other areas, cars came off the roads and crashed down a slope. In one incident in Graubünden a car fell 10 meters and hit a tree. The driver was trying to avoid a bus. The passengers were injured.

The trains were also affected. Services in the Bernese Jura were cancelled due to heavy snow. But across the country, the freezing weather meant stuck points, which caused delays.

Zurich airport cancelled 80 flights yesterday and Bern airport closed completely.

The foehn wind which arrived yesterday afternoon moved the snow line up higher, but freezing rain remained a problem.


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