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Long term residents to be forced out of Zurich building

National News // Dec. 7, 2017

Around 40 residents in an apartment building in Zurich are to be forced out as the owners say the building needs to be renovated.

Pixabay Long term residents to be forced out of Zurich building

Many of the older residents have been living in the building for more than 30 years – and they say they don’t know where they’ll go next, they certainly won’t be able to afford the rents.

One 67 year old, Oliver de Perrot told the Blick newspaper his flat is his life.

The building, in the Mühlebach district is owned by Zurich Kantonalbank’s pension fund. They say renovation is urgently needed.

But after the work has been done, rents will be adjusted to the current market rates – which will mean a significant hike. Currently, de Perrot pays under CHF 2,000 for a 5 room apartment.


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