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Man gets wallet back after 10 years - with all the cash

National News // Dec. 6, 2017

A man has been reunited with his wallet he lost 10 years ago – and all the cash and cards were there.

snb Man gets wallet back after 10 years - with all the cash

Pjeter Marku was also particularly pleased an old 20 franc note was there.

He says the note was the only money he had when he arrived from Kosovo in Switzerland in 1989. It’s an old series note from the late eighties. He says it has sentimental value.

He lost the wallet while working on a construction site in Solothurn, building a new post office.

He got a call from the Härkingen post office to say they had his wallet. Everything was intact, including CHF 500 in cash.

He says the Swiss are very honest people. 

Tags: cash, luck, wallet

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