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No evidence of dog poisoning in Geneva

National News // Dec. 1, 2017

Reports of dogs being poisoned in Geneva parks seem to have no basis in fact.

Pixabay No evidence of dog poisoning in Geneva

For the past few days, local press have been running stories about people whose dogs have fallen ill after taking a walk in the park. One pet is said to have died.

An investigation by the Tribune de Genève suggests the story seems to have originated from a Facebook post.

Geneva cantonal police say they’ve had no reports of dog poisoning.  The one that died was examined by a vet. The owner says it was rat poison, but the vet will not comment, citing medical confidentiality.

The owner says they haven’t filed a complaint and they’re currently in Turkey.

But as it stands at the moment, there are no official reports of any dog being made ill or dying from suspected poisoning in Geneva. 

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