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Pakistani dissident denied aslyum in Switzerland

National News // Nov. 24, 2017

One of Pakistan’s most wanted men has been denied political asylum in Switzerland.

Pixabay Pakistani dissident denied aslyum in Switzerland

Brahumdagh Bugti is the leader of s separatist movement which is campaigning for an independent Baluchistan.

He’s been living in Geneva for the past seven years waiting for his application to be processed. His lawyer told him this week it had been turned down.

The move may indicate a shifting of Swiss attitudes to the Baluchistan issue. Last week Bugti’s brother who lives in the UK was denied entry at Zurich airport.

The independence campaign angered the Pakistani government a few weeks ago when it took out posters on Geneva public transport while the UN Human Rights Council was meeting.

The Baluchistan region is becoming more important for Pakistan as there are plans to develop transport and pipeline links between Pakistan and China.




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