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EU talks successful, but some more work to be done

National News // Nov. 24, 2017

Yesterday’s meeting in Bern with the head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Junker is being hailed as a success, despite some issues not being settled.

Pixabay EU talks successful, but some more work to be done

Switzerland has agreed to pay CHF 1bn into the EU’s cohesion fund. The money will be used mainly for vocational training in the EU’s eastern member states.

Also a further CHF 200m will be paid to help with the migration crises.

An agreement was signed covering carbon emissions trading and access to the EU’s asylum seekers’ database. But there are several more outstanding issues which need to be addressed.

Junker told the press the talks on the outstanding issues are moving in the right direction and further deals could be struck in the spring.


Tags: EU, immigration, bern

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