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Swiss border guard faces trial after baby was stillborn

National News // Nov. 20, 2017

A Swiss border guard is facing court after a Syrian refugee gave birth to a dead baby.

ezv.admin.ch Swiss border guard faces trial after baby was stillborn

The pregnant woman was on a train heading back to Italy after being stopped at a French border crossing in Vallorbe.

She was told she has to return to Italy where she had been initially registered.

While on a Swiss train she suffered heavy bleeding and despite pleas by her husband, the border guard accompanying the refugees failed to offer any help.

It was only when they reached the Italian border at Domodossola the woman was treated by Italian medics.

The baby was stillborn.

The border guard faces charges of negligent homicide for failing to offer assistance. The Deputy Mayor of Domodossola says she’s shocked a pregnant woman was treated in such a way in Europe. Especially by the normally decent Swiss neighbours.

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