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Death crash driver likely to escape punishment

National News // Nov. 17, 2017

A driver who deliberately crashed head-on into a car in Valais, killing the other driver is likely to escape punishment.

Pixabay Death crash driver likely to escape punishment

The crash was in August in 2015.

A Valais court heard the 33-year-old was driving aimlessly and decided he wanted to kill himself. He then headed straight for another car coming in the other direction. He survived with serious injuries, but the other driver a 36-year-old father, died on the spot.

A report says the driver with suicidal intent was suffering a major psychotic episode and can’t be held accountable.

Experts say he would have been unaware of how his actions could impact others.

Prosecutors are calling for the driver to be placed in a secure mental institution. The defense says he can be treated as an outpatient.

The court will decide next week. 


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