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Pool bathing in burkini - or topless - now permitted in Geneva

National News // Nov. 14, 2017

While topless bathing may not be something on your mind in the current weather – it is now allowed in Geneva.

But so are burkinis.

Pixabay Pool bathing in burkini - or topless  - now permitted in Geneva

The canton has relaxed and clarified the rules on what’s permissible to wear in the pools.

The rule change has come about after a woman was banned from wearing a burkini last year – a swimsuit which covers the body, arms, legs and head. Favoured by practicing Muslims.

Also, topless swimming in the pools will also be allowed.

How much or how little you want to show in the pool is not really a concern for the canton – although nude pool swimming is not allowed.

A spokesman for the Cantonal Department of Sport says they have only one concern, and that’s hygiene. The biggest problem, he says, are people who wish to swim in shorts they’ve been wearing on the street. That’s not allowed.



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