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E-cigarette sellers find way around nicotine ban

National News // Nov. 14, 2017

E-cigarette sellers in Switzerland are circumventing a law which forbids selling e-liquid containing nicotine.

Pixabay E-cigarette sellers find way around nicotine ban

Research by the Lucerner Zeitung newspaper discovers when a customer buys liquid for their e-cigarette, they get a shot of nicotine for free.

The Swiss ban on nicotine in liquids is not aimed at e-cigarettes, it’s simply an unintended consequence of a law covering food additives.

A change in the law is being planned to allow nicotine in e-liquids, but that’s not likely to come into force for a few years. In the meantime there is a court challenge underway which could pave the way for nicotine in liquids in the next few months.

E-cigarette retailers complain the law means they’re at a disadvantage in Switzerland. Smokers are likely to keep using normal cigarettes for longer or buy liquids in neighbouring countries.

There have been no prosecutions for traders selling nicotine infused liquids. 

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