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Old note tracked down in Grindelwald

National News // Nov. 10, 2017

A 56 year old former plasterer has been tracked down after he left a note in a hotel he was working on in 1961.

facebook Old note tracked down in Grindelwald

Hans Wyss wrote the note on a cigarette pack. He’d written his name and the date and time. November 5th, 8.40am, 1961.

He was working on the Hotel Belvedere in Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland and hid the note while plastering a wall.

Renovation work unearthed his time capsule and it was put on Facebook to track down the writer.

Hans says his daughter called him when she saw the appeal.

He says he didn’t expect the note to be found in his lifetime. Hans didn’t stay a plasterer – he was a policeman for 30 years. 

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