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Musician tests positive for drugs - but it's too much Red Bull

National News // Nov. 1, 2017

A musician in canton Solothurn is furious he was branded a drug user in front of his family when all had drunk was a lot of Red Bull.

red bull Musician tests positive for drugs - but it's too much Red Bull

34 year old Adnan Mursulu fully admits he seems to have a mild addiction to the energy drink – but nothing else. He drinks up to 10 cans a day.

A roadside police check showed positive for amphetamines. Mursulu tried to convince the police of his innocence – but they took away his driving license on the spot.

It took two weeks before a blood test came back to show there was no evidence of drug use.

Solothurn police say they didn’t know excessive consumption of energy drinks could lead to a false positive drug test.

A toxicologist at the University of Bern told the Blick newspaper roadside drug tests are highly unreliable. Wolfgang Weinmann says some cheeses, cough medicine and poppy seeds can also lead to false positives. The tests are also unable to detect Ecstasy use.

For these reasons the cantons of Zurich, Graubünden and Sankt Gallen have ditched roadside drug tests. 

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