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Swiss excellent road safety record threatened

National News // Oct. 27, 2017

The Swiss Office of Accident Prevention is warning the country’s excellent road safety record is under threat.

Pixabay Swiss excellent road safety record threatened

After several years of falling deaths and serious injuries on the roads, the office says the recent accident rate is worrying.

The report highlights cyclists. In 2016, 854 cyclists were seriously injured and 24 were killed. There’s been no significant improvement in that number for the past ten years. Also the rising number of e-bikes means the number of injuries of e-bikers are up to.

It’s also not good news for pedestrians. Last year the number injured was up over 2%.

But Swiss roads are still among the safest in the world. In total the number of people killed on the roads was down by 37 from 2015 and the number injured down by one percent.

The main reasons for accidents are driver error, such as distraction, excessive speed and alcohol.

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