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Graubünden to make tax forms gender neutral

National News // Oct. 26, 2017

Canton Graubünden is to move with modern thinking and all tax forms from next year will be gender neutral.

Pixabay Graubünden to make tax forms gender neutral

The change is after a local MP, 33 year old Jon Pult, said he was offended by the questions on gender.

The exact wording of the new forms has yet to be finalized, but is likely to use the terms ‘taxable person 1 and taxable person 2.

But the change doesn’t have unanimous support. The leader of the Swiss People’s Party in the cantonal parliament, Jan Koch, says it’s not a problem the canton needs to solve.

It won’t be costly to make the change as the forms will all have to be printed for next year anyway. Less than CHF 10,000 according to the canton.


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