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Gold runs through Swiss sewers

National News // Oct. 12, 2017

There’s money in muck. That’s the conclusion of a study by the Swiss research institute Eawag.

Pixabay Gold runs through Swiss sewers

After studying sewage across the country, it’s thought as much as CHF 1.5m worth of precious metals are flushed away every year.

Three tonnes of silver and 43 kilos of gold are thought to end up in the toilet.

There are differences depending on the region. There’s far more gold in the waste in canton Jura – thought to come from the watch industry.

In Ticino – the drains are full of gold. So much, it may be worthwhile trying to separate it.

But the researchers say, on the whole – the cost of sifting through waste to recover the metals probably is too much effort for too little gain. 

Tags: gold, sewer, silver

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