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Parliament discusses new road rules

National News // Oct. 5, 2017

Swiss road laws could see some changes next year as parliament discuses new rules.

It seems certain cyclists will be able to turn on a red light – but some members of the Swiss People’s Party say the same should be allowed for drivers. But that has plenty of opposition.

Swiss Parliamentary Service Parliament discusses new road rules

The controversial stiff penalties for speeders could be softened. Some parliamentarians say punishments handed out recently have been too severe and remove the ability of judges to apply discretion.

The Federal Council wants to lower the driving age to 17, down from the current 18. But there is some pressure in parliament to go further – and allow 16 year olds to start driving.

Other new rules that could be adopted – cutting training for new drivers, abolishing the compulsory first aid course, increasing the speed limit for cars towing caravans and trailers to 100 and letting those who learnt to drive on an automatic to drive a manual.

All the proposed rules still have to be voted on in parliament and they’ll come into force during the course of next year. 

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