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Developer gets revenge on troublesome neighbours

National News // Oct. 3, 2017

A property developer got his own back when he wanted to refurbish a house in the village of Herblingen in canton Schaffhausen to care for the elderly who are suffering from dementia. But locals opposed the idea.

The developer was prepared to invest CHF 5m.

Wikipedia Developer gets revenge on troublesome neighbours

He was so outraged by the local objections – he instead rented it out as a brothel.

The developer told the Blick newspaper, he just wanted to do some good. He didn’t expect to make much money from the project.

But the locals were so against the idea of a care home, they even threatened him with legal action. So the developer decided to take revenge and offered the house as a brothel.

A spokeswoman for Alzheimer Switzerland says the locals prejudice are abhorrent – she likened it to the middle ages when the sick were banished from the village.  


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