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Giants take over Geneva

National News // Sept. 29, 2017

Geneva will be visited by giants over the next few days – and the police are warning it will be a massive event with road closures and major public transport disruption.

Royal de Luxe - Pascal Victor - ArtComArt, Nantes Giants take over Geneva

The Saga des Géants starts today – two massive puppet-like structures will be paraded through the streets – one is of small girl and the other is a grandmother.

Both will wake this morning; the little girl in Carouge and the grandmother on Plainpalais.

The giants will walk separately at times – a full itinerary of their movements is on the website, lesgeants-geneve.ch.

But police warn many roads will be closed and the public transport company have described it as a ‘mega event’ which will lead to trams and buses being re-routed all weekend. 

Margot Courcoult, from the Royal de Luxe street theatre company, spoke to WRS this week about her role in guiding and manipulating the puppet structure through the city this weekend. Hear her interview with on the Mid Morning Mix earlier this week. You can see Margot on the little girl giant's right foot this weekend. 



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