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Switzerland is highly lucrative for ex-pats

National News // Sept. 27, 2017

Switzerland is a lucrative place to be for ex-pats – but not a friendly one. That’s the conclusion from the 10th annual HSBC survey, the Expat Explorer.

Pixabay Switzerland is highly lucrative for ex-pats

While incomes are the highest in the world according to the survey, the difficulty in integrating into the local culture and making friends drags Switzerland down the rankings to 11th – from 6th last year.

An average incomes for expats is about USD 190,000. And although Switzerland is an expensive place to live, most say they can save more here than they could have at home.

But while making friends with locals can be hard – socializing with fellow expats is easier. 18% of ex-pats say they do have a more active social life here than at home.  

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