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Language limitations could be behind driving test fraud

National News // Sept. 21, 2017

As investigations continue into cheating at the road theory test in Solothurn, some suspect it maybe a language issue that drove participants to pay thousands for secret help on passing the test.

Pixabay Language limitations could be behind driving test fraud

Police say the 20 candidates suspected of cheating are from Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia – with the man passing on the secret messages through a radio link was from Kosovo.

In 2006 new regulations mean the Swiss driving test can only be conducted in one of the national languages or English. New drivers have the choice of language no matter where you are – you could take the test in Italian in Zurich, for example.

Instructors say it would be better for those new to the country can take the test in a language they know – as was possible before 2006.

One instructor told the paper, Blick, we’re interested in road safety – not integration.


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