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'Mega-Event' in Geneva will cause traffic chaos

National News // Sept. 20, 2017

Geneva authorities are gearing up for what is being described as a ‘mega-event’ by the public transport company, the TPG.

Saga des Géants © Pascal Victor – ArtComPress-Nantes 'Mega-Event' in Geneva will cause traffic chaos

It’s the ‘March of the Giants’ which will take place weekend after next.

Two giant puppets will be paraded through the streets and hundreds of thousands are expected to come out to watch.

Streets will be closed, parking restricted and trams and bus lines diverted.

Geneva police will be on full alert because of the heightened terror status and the Swiss Intelligence Service is also involved in making sure the city stays safe.

Other cities that have hosted the giants have also been asked to share their experiences, such as Antwerp, Le Havre and Liverpool.

Information leaflets highlighting the disruption are being sent to all homes in the city and a phone line is being set up which will give information. 0800 909 400. That line opens on Monday.



Tags: geneva, TPG, geants, giants

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