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Alcohol sales ban on autoroutes to be lifted

National News // Sept. 14, 2017

Parliament has voted to end the 50 year ban on selling alcohol at autoroute service stations.

Pixabay Alcohol sales ban on autoroutes to be lifted

The vote doesn’t mean the ban comes to an end immediately as the Federal Council now has to draft a new law – but ministers have in the past expressed support for a change.

The law doesn’t allow service stations on autoroutes to serve or sell alcohol. It was brought in the sixties to prevent drink driving.

MPs have decided it’s out of date and puts service stations at a competitive disadvantage as alcohol can be bought in many places just a few minutes drive away from the highway.

The law means drivers can’t even buy a bottle of wine or some beer to take home for the evening.

But not everyone is happy. The Swiss Accident Prevention Office says the law contributes to road safety. 

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