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Booking.com website under investigation in Switzerland

National News // Sept. 13, 2017

The Swiss government is ordering an investigation into the online booking site – Booking.com.

Khaledattalla Booking.com website under investigation in Switzerland

The government’s pricing watchdog says the company’s terms and conditions it sets for hotels is overly restrictive.

Investigators say they tried to come to a mediated agreement with booking.com, but the US based website refused to meet.

So now a more formal procedure will be launched. Hoteliers complain the booking site requites overly restrictive pricing policies which don’t allow them to offer rooms more cheaply on other platforms.

The Swiss Hoteliers Association says this is an intrusion on the freedom of the hotels to run their businesses.

Figures from the Institute of Tourism in Sierre says booking websites now account for over 90% of hotel bookings. 

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