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Exploding phone burns out apartment building

National News // Sept. 12, 2017

An exploding phone is thought to be the cause of a major fire in Zurich. A whole apartment block in Regensdorf is now uninhabitable - damage is estimated at a million francs.

Fire Brigade Regensdorf Exploding phone burns out apartment building

The phone’s owner says she’d put it on charge and was playing with her children when she heard a cracking sound and the phone was on fire.

She tried to smother the blaze, but the phone kept burning. She then got the children out and alerted the neighbors – who all escaped.

Nine people had to be taken to hospital for smoke inhalation, but no one was seriously hurt.

The woman told police either the phone or the charger had caught fire. She says it very worrying as she also charges the phone overnight.

Police are now investigating. The apartment owner’s cat died in the blaze. 

Tags: Zurich, phone, fire

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