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Drivers frustrated at red light waits in Rapperswil

National News // Aug. 30, 2017

Anyone who drives a car will sometimes get frustrated at red light waits – but motorists in Rapperswil seem to be getting a raw deal with one particular light.

Roland zh Drivers frustrated at red light waits in Rapperswil

One driver complained to the 20 Minutes newspaper he had to wait 8 minutes before the light changed to green – and then it was only for a few seconds.

The local traffic office says the lights are automatic and sensors under the road will detect cars and turn green for them in good time.

But if that seems a long time – spare a thought for those stuck at a level crossing in Hendschiken in canton Aargau.

One driver filmed an 18 minute wait for trains to pass – and there are reports of the barriers being closed for 35 minutes.

Swiss Federal Railways say the stretch of line is very busy and the barriers have to stay closed if another train is soon approaching.

Comments to the newspaper say an underpass needs to be built. 

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