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'Upskirting' growing problem in Switzerland

National News // Aug. 16, 2017

‘Upskirting’ is becoming more and more of a problem in Switzerland and the police have issued guidelines on how to react if you are a victim.  

'Upskirting' growing problem in Switzerland

‘Upskirting’ is the practice of taking pictures of unsuspecting women’s underwear.

More complaints are being made to police, the main locations seem to be public transport. One women told the press she felt something between her legs and thought it was an insect – when she turned to brush it away she saw a man, in his fifties, with his mobile phone under her skirt.

She pretended to call the police and the man deleted the picture. But the woman says there were many more on his phone.

Zurich police recommend women defend themselves by complaining loudly so passersby are aware of what’s happened. And then demand the picture is erased.

People nearby can assist by calling the police.


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