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Swiss flagship news programme off-air due to technical glitch

National News // Aug. 11, 2017

German speaking TV viewers were denied a chance to watch the country’s flag ship news show ‘10vor10’ last night as technical problems meant it couldn’t be broadcast.

SRF Swiss flagship news programme off-air due to technical glitch

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation – long under fire from right wing politicians as being too expensive and bloated – says a fault with an editing system meant no pre-recorded packages could be aired.

The main presenter, Susanne Wille, tweeted her apologies. She said the team tried everything to get the equipment to work – but it wasn’t possible.

'10vor10' has been the country’s main news programme for the past 25 years and is also rebroadcast on the German channel 3Sat – which helpfully subtitles Swiss German dialect reports in High German for its audience. 

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